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Dont be a Wantrepreneur

We are all intrigued by the notion of being an entrepreneur, but do you understand the responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur?

Most importantly, do you know that you must be weary of not being a “wantrepreneur”?

A wantrepreneur is someone who wants to start a business, who waits for the perfect idea for starting a business or who loves the idea of being an entrepreneur.

They don’t love business. They don’t crave the excitement of launching an innovative product. They don’t want the nervous feeling of meeting intellectual investors. They don’t know that a massive high always comes after a massive disappointment.

They love the idea of what an entrepreneur could be, the successful businessman riding that Italian sports car with the wind in his hair and wears a fancy suit.

Many people forget or don’t know what a real entrepreneur goes through.

They don’t realise the amount of effort, long hours, blood, sweat and tears it takes to start a business. They don’t know that they have to fix the broken equipment, check why the IT lines are off – again, make sure there is enough paper in the printer, make coffee for the clients and so the list goes on.

Being an entrepreneur is more than the flashy cars, the time off, the flexi work hours, playing golf on a weekly basis. It’s more about you wanting to put in the effort to enjoy those benefits.

A real entrepreneur is also the business owner that goes out marketing with little info, trusts their gut instinct and knows that the business does not have the perfect website, or the perfect business card, or does not even have a portfolio or flyer to present, but still goes out knowing that they need to get this first lead, turn them into the first client and turn the client into the first bank receipt in order to have a business.

These types of entrepreneurs realise that they need to get the money generating engine of the business going first before they can focus on the nice to have items of the business like a flyer or a banner.

Don’t let the notion of being an entrepreneur be the driving force of you starting your own business.

Let the driving force be your passion of owning a business that solves real world business problems and let the path of finding a solution to a client’s problem be the reason you want to start a business.

The success, fame and fortune will flow from your passion for the business and not from wanting those things.

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