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At the VITALIS group, it is our business to help grow your business to new heights! VITALIS is a holdings company for various service based businesses [B2B] throughout South Africa.

Our core businesses are Vitalis Accounting represented by the BLUE part of our logo and Vitalis Consulting represented by the GREEN part of our logo. The PURPLE part is an exciting business which is launching soon so make sure to check back here to see what it is.

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At Vitalis Accounting we believe an Accountant is the one partner in your business you should not be seeing only once a year.

An unfortunate reality is that it happens too often where an accountant only sees their clients once a year. This annual appointment normally occurs when the financial statements need to be signed off. Sometimes it also happens that this is the day you receive a hefty invoice which is due immediately. Not cool!

It is this frustration that led to the creation of Vitalis Accounting. Ernst and Tiaan created Vitalis Accounting because they want to be known as the accountants who build a business and not as the accountants who you only see once a year.

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At Vitalis Consulting, we do not believe "building your profits" to be just our fancy mantra. For us, it is our founding principle, our philosophy, our guiding light, our belief, whatever you want to call it. Your profits determine our net worth.

Why you ask? Well its rather easy. When you ask us to assist and grow your business, you require some guidance, a nudge in the right direction, a pull away from the cliff or sometimes some light in the dark room. Nobody likes to wander around in the dark, not knowing which direction to go.

That is why you need a guiding light, you need professional people, who have the best possible advice, strategies and experience to guide you.

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Vitalis Corporate Solutions was born out of the necessity to provide highly specialised assessments of a corporate’s sustainability and viability. We use our own developed proprietary business assessments to determine exactly where your business is in its life cycle and what your next steps are when it is not performing adequately.

Do you believe that your corporation is under performing? Do you believe that with a nudge in the right direction, it can be restored to its former glory? Not sure what nudge to give it to take it there? Let us arrange a consultation with you and determine what your next step should be.

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The VITALIS brand began in the spring of 2015 as a small business consulting firm in the city of Tshwane.

It is important for you, the entrepreneur, to focus on what you are great at, serving your customers. We serve you by being a single contact for all your professional services needs.

From Accounting to Brain profiling to Consulting, we can do it all for your business.

What we OFFER

All the partners in the VITALIS brand understand the important principle of “teamwork makes the dream work”.

We all understand that through team work alone, we can achieve more and exceed our clients’ expectations. It is for this reason that we share knowledge across our businesses.

Knowledge sharing ensures we give the best possible advice to you and your business.

What we are all ABOUT

Want to know how we started and built our companies? It has been quite a journey! We loved every step of it though. Click below to find out more!