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Vitalis Holdings Blog Business Tip 7 Never Quit

BusinessTip #7 – Never Quit

I love to read motivational stuff, especially on my Instagram account where probably 90% of the accounts I follow, put out motivational posts that gets me going in the morning. I also love to share them with my team on a daily basis.

I follow accounts like @before5am, @hardcorecloser, @billionaires_bible and @minoritymindset. (Go and check out my account, @tiaangeel, to follow some of the accounts I follow for awesome content).

The one thing that most of these accounts have in common, or the most important message they share out, is that as an entrepreneur, you should NEVER QUIT!

I love those two words as much as I love my business.

Lately, I have been finding myself inspecting the actual meaning of those two words. What do they actually mean? Are they important in my life as an entrepreneur? Are those words not the typical American hype marketing junk we see everywhere?

Every morning after reading a few posts I find myself thinking more and more about what these two unconnected words mean to me.

What does the 1st word NEVER mean?

If one starts to inspect the first word, NEVER, what jumps to mind? Never is a long time, I mean a really long time. The word alludes to the end of time as it means whatever you choose to do it should not stop, or whatever you choose not to do, it should never be done again.

NEVER means until the world comes to an end. Let that sink in for a while…

Sit back, take a sip from your warm cup of coffee or tea (or whisky, depending if you are reading this at 20h00)… and think about when NEVER ends.

If you dissect this word further, you will notice that it means even in the face of the worst temptation you have ever faced, through the most difficult time in your life ever or during whatever comes across your path to disrupt your discipline, do not give in to this temptation and stop your discipline. NEVER!

The purpose of this word shows that you need to show guts and push through the tough times and by proving through your actions that you believe in what you are doing and that nothing will stop you.

The second word in this sentence of two, is QUIT.

The definition of QUIT means to stop whatever you are doing. The synonyms for this word is actually more powerful. They are vacate, execute, abandon and desert. This means that should you quit your business for instance, you are abandoning and deserting your duties as an entrepreneur to your colleagues, your staff, your family, but most importantly to yourself.

you are abandoning and deserting your duties as an entrepreneur, but most importantly to yourself.

For many days in a row while I ran my thought over these two words, I wondered, but how do I not quit my business. How do I, as an entrepreneur, “NEVER QUIT”? After many warm cups of coffee, and maybe a few awesome whisky’s (no admissions here), I found my answer.

In my action of reading the motivational posts every day, lies the exact answer to my question. There is no single switch I can flip to “NEVER QUIT”, there is no single action I can perform to have the mentality of “NEVER QUIT”, there is no business coach, mentor, strategist, guru or whatever you wish to call a seasoned businessman, that can teach you the concept “NEVER QUIT”.

There is only the actions you perform EACH. AND. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Every day that you go out and be an entrepreneur, never stop doing the things that an entrepreneur does. Never stop phoning your clients to pay their outstanding accounts, as a friend once told me “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

Never stop improving your product or service offering, every day you should think on how to improve your customers’ experience. Never stop marketing, generating leads and converting them to paying customers. Never stop motivating your employees.

Never stop improving your business by running leaner and meaner. Never stop networking to increase your net worth. NEVER…. NEVER… NEVER!

The magic in these two words, NEVER QUIT, does not lie in the magic wand which entrepreneurs think exists. It lies in doing the necessary things every single day that an entrepreneur does to ensure the success of their business. If an entrepreneur stops to do some of the necessary actions they need to do every day, that is the actual day which they started quitting, and not the day the doors to the business were officially closed.

So go out every single day with the mindset that you will not quit doing the necessary actions to build your business.

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