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Vitalis Holdings 2020 #BusinessChallenge

#BusinessChallenge – Week 6

With the #BusinessChallenge last week we spoke about how to fire a customer that is not adding value to your business. It wasn’t easy right! No, it never gets easier, but it is a real necessity for the future sustainability of your business.

The theme for last week was rather “negative” if one thinks about it, so let us do some positive work this week.

This week’s challenge is rather short, but probably one of the most important actions you can perform in your business.

Personal Attention

When you started your business, you visited your clients regularly, maybe even weekly. You might even have taken a gift to them on their birthday. You might even have taken them to a Stormers vs Blue Bulls game or a classic Chiefs vs Pirates game (I have been a Stormers and Chiefs fan since I was born as my mom taught me to support both these teams. And mom is always right!).

The point of this is that you spent a tremendous amount of time to land, close and keep them as a client. You made sure they would never leave you for another supplier.

Over time this personal touch might have decreased as you landed more clients and you got busier. Your free time just isn’t what it used to be. This is completely understandable and acceptable. You want to grow your business and your turnover, so your days would have become a lot busier!

What is not acceptable is that your client does not receive the same amount of personalised attention. They still deserve it! They are still special to you as they spent, and hopefully still spend their money with you and they want to feel special. We all want to feel special. It’s a human trait.

So let’s go back to that time and make sure your clients do not ever want to leave you because of the relationship they have with you.

Relationship Selling

Relationship Selling is a concept that focusses on the relationship between the customer and the business rather than focusing on other factors.

So instead of only focussing on the price to close the deal, rather focus on the relationship you have and should build with your customer.

Once the relationship between your customer and your business is more personalised, the customer will give you more repeat business than he or she would normally do.

We are all human and we still buy from humans. To be technical, you cannot buy from a business. The business is just a legal structure. You still have to buy from a human.

Yeah, I know that Online Businesses are completely different and that you technically buy from a robot somewhere in the world. But there are still humans behind Online Businesses. Ask yourself this question: If Online Businesses were really just robots, why do they have social media accounts run by people to personally resolve customer issues? You still buy from humans! It’s just the platform where the purchase occurs that has changed.

Anyway, back to Relationship Selling. This is a concept that when searched online, yields a myriad of results and will take a lot of time to study. But you have to do it! I believe that this concept is one of the keys to sustainable and secure customers and sales.

This week I want you to list ALL your customers which you still want to serve and sell to. Or just use the list you already compiled from the previous weeks (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) and do the following:

  • write down their birthdays,
  • write down their spouse and kids’ birthdays, even their animals if they are animal lovers,
  • write down any special days they celebrate like religious or sporting days,
  • make a diary of weekly, monthly or quarterly visits with them,
  • THINK! Think of any other thing you might do to make them feel special.

Now ACT on this information. Send them gifts, well wishes or the latest update on their favourite team. Ask their opinion on why the Chiefs will win this weekend (sorry, I had to… 🙂 ) Show them that you really care about them and their business.

SHOW them that their business and money is special to you and your business and that you appreciate the fact that they support you. Just remember, your customer does not have to support you. There are literally thousands of other competitors which they can give a go.

Make your customers feel special! And please do not send out a generic email to everyone without even adding their name to the email. I absolutely hate this! It is very impersonal.

Happy hunting and serving! On to next week’s challenge we go.

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