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Vitalis Holdings 2020 #BusinessChallenge

#BusinessChallenge – Week 14

Week 14 of the #BusinessChallenge is here!

Last week I spoke about the 1st section of the 1-Page Marketing Plan, the “Before (Prospecting) phase.

This week we continue with the second phase.

During (Lead) phase

So during the 1st phase, you identified who your ideal customers are. You also identified where you are going to find them and what you are going to tell them once you have found them.

Sounds simple enough right? So let’s break down the second phase as well.

In this phase you have to design a system whereby you gather the contact information of potential clients, how you are going to nurture them and make enough contact with them to show the value you offer and lastly how you are going to convert them from a lead to a sale.

Simple right?!

Let’s break it down:

This second phase of the 1-Page Marketing Plan consists of the following 3 sub-sections:
1. My Lead Capture System
2. My Lead Nurturing System
3. My Sales Conversion Strategy

1. My Lead Capture System

People don’t give out their personal information for no reason. Accept that.

Do you give out your email address or phone number to strangers? I hope you don’t do that. I don’t.


I will provide my email address on a website where I get a free eBook or tips to implement some interesting idea within my business. I probably do this too much…

So, you need to decide where and how you will be collecting the contact information of potential clients. Included in this is what you will be offering them in return for receiving their contact information.

Are you going to offer them an eBook?

A free 30-min consultation?

A free sample of your product?

Or, in our example, are you going to offer a potential client a free lawn cut and clean to show them your work and what you offer them?

Let’s consider the costs to do this. An hour of your staff’s time, petrol for the lawnmowers, trimmers and bakkie, black bags and the costs of the dumping site. I don’t think that is a bad decision considering you are now at your potential client’s premises, have spoken with them face to face and showcased them what you are capable of.

Great success!!!

It is, however, important to realise the following: YOU ARE NOT CLOSING THE SALE IN THIS SUB-SECTION! The time is not right yet. You are only showcasing your abilities.

2. My Lead Nurturing System

This sub-section of the 1-Page Marketing Plan expands on the 1st sub-section.

Here you continue to deliver VALUE through more videos, podcasts, blogs, newsletters or whatever your potential customers will value.

A statistic floating around on the internet states that about 50% of sales reps only make the 1st contact with a prospect. 65% give up after the second contact and 80% give up after three contacts.

Another statistic floating around on the internet states that only 3% of people you meet will be ready to buy your product. A further 7% are open to buying from you and a further 30% are interested but not right now.

This means that only 40% of people could buy from you. The rest just don’t care about you or your business.

So, if we believe these statistics, it would seem right to hypothesize that a potential customer could only buy from you after the 10th or 11th contact.

Thus you need to figure out a way that you can provide a potential customer with value over at least 10 contacts.

When I refer to 10 contacts, I refer to 10 emails or 10 invites or 10 eBooks etc over a period of time. This could be over 10 weeks or even 20 weeks.

3. My Sales Conversion Strategy

In this sub-section you need to focus on two things.

Your offer and your pricing.

What are you offering to a potential customers and at what price.

Simple enough right? I think so.

The most utilised example of this strategy can be seen on websites where the business offers you a gold package, a platinum package and a diamond package.

And each one comes with its own price and items which are included and excluded in the package.

So for our lawn mowing and cleanings business we could have 3 possible options with an increase in price as we move from the cut&trim package to the cut,trim and clean package to the cut,trim, clean and poop package.

Homework for this week:

I hope you see the importance of this distinction and making different offers to customers.

So you homework for this week is to complete this second section called the “During (Lead) phase”. Good luck!

Next week we finish the 1-Page Marketing Plan!

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