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Vitalis Holdings 2020 #BusinessChallenge

#BusinessChallenge – Week 13

Welcome back to our 2020 #BusinessChallenge! Last week we kicked off the theme Marketing. The challenge for the week was for you to actually decide what you want to achieve with your marketing efforts.

Fancy Marketing Plans, are they really needed?

Ok, so I do believe in the fancy 50-page marketing plans and their place in business.

In my opinion, for the purpose of my and your business the SME, they do not work.

Drafting a plan from analysing a customer (also called creating your avatar), analysing your competitors, creating a marketing mix, allocating a budget for each marketing effort are all important factors. But for the purposes of your business, they might be an overkill.

I believe in a concept called the 1-Page marketing plan. Go and read the book The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd by Alan Dib. You can see the book on Amazon here.

You can also download the 1-Page Marketing Plan template he designed from his website here.

What is the 1-Page Marketing Plan?

The 1-Page Marketing Plan is literally a marketing plan on only 1 page. There is no need to design extravagant marketing plans for your products or services.

You simply need to follow his marketing model.

It contains 3 section namely:
– Before (Prospecting phase)
– During (Lead phase)
– After (Customer phase)

It is a simple process of deciding who your customers are, what you are going to tell them when you reach them, how you are going to reach them, how you are going to convert them to a customer and what you do after having successfully secured clients.

Its an absolute eye-opener for SME’s to market effectively yet simple and easy.

This week I want you to just focus on the first section being the Before (Prospecting Phase).

Before (Prospecting Phase)

Each section contains 3 sub-sections which complete the entire section.

The Before (Prospecting phase) consists of the following 3 sub-section which need to be completed:
1. My Target Market
2. My Message To My Target Market
3. The Media I Will Use To Reach My Target Market

1. My Target Market

Here you need to create your Avatar. The most important part of this is to realise that NOT EVERYONE is a potential customer.

There are people or businesses who will never buy from you. There are people or businesses that you never want to sell to. Thus, you need to understand and create who will actually buy from your business.

So, we need to ask a few questions:

Who do you want to sell to?

What does your ideal client look like?

What is their monthly turnover if its a business? (B2B)

What is their monthly income if its a consumer? (B2C)

What are the pain points which I want to solve for them?

Where do they hang-out normally? This contains questions such as where do they work? Where do they stay? How do they travel? What media do they consume?

Example: My ideal client is a resident of a free-standing house (rented or owned) who needs their lawn mowed and trimmed on a weekly basis. Their income puts them in the upper-middle to high LSM class. They have dogs as pets and follow dog groups & pages on Facebook. and Instagram.

2. My Message To My Target Market

What do you want to tell them?

How will you convey the message that you can solve their problem?

With your message it is important that you showcase how you are different. Do not be the same as your competition. Do not go along the same lines as your competition. That just makes you a copy of your competition.

Focus on your Unique Selling Point (USP) and aim straight at your niche market.

Example: We clean your garden and don’t just cut your grass. We remove all your garden refuse and even pick up your dog’s poo. And give them a free treat! We do not just mow over it and let the smell linger until New Years.

3. The Media I Will Use To Reach My Target Market

Now you need to choose the media you will use that will help you to reach your customer.

  • Are you going to use flyers at the robots with people using funny hats?
  • Will you be going old school and doing paper advertisements?
  • Are you going new age with social media advertisements?
  • Brave enough to go all out with an R50,000 per month billboard on the N1 highway?

When you analysed your avatar, you determined where they “hang out” during the day. Do they travel 1 hour to work which will make a billboard sensible? Or do they spend 4 hours on Facebook and LinkedIn a day which would make social media sensible?

Homework for this week

So your homework this week is to download Allan’s 1-Page Marketing Plan and then complete the first section with just one of your products or services.

They beauty of this 1-Page Marketing Plan is that you can have one for each product or service you market and sell. Good luck with this awesome exercise!

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