Jaryd Greyling
  • Name:Jaryd Greyling
  • Expert in:Mining Project Development
  • Email:jaryd@vitalis.co.za
  • Phone:+27 (0)82 224 8645

Jaryd Greyling was recruited as the Director of Vitalis Mining, bringing along an extensive network across various fields and a keen eye for unrealised and innovative potential. He holds a post-graduate degree in Geology and has experience in concept & project development, private equity, mining and production and the overall geosciences. He thrives in the company of people who share common compassion and vision for the future of mining in Africa. He also adds invaluable experience from fields in the humanitarian and social development sectors, whilst driving our projects with ruthless attention to detail.

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Areas of Interest
  • Mine Development
  • Geosciences
  • Efficient Mining Operations
  • BSc (Hon) Geology
Group Company Responsibility
  • Vitalis Mining