Business networking

Never stop Networking!

We have probably all gone to a networking function and hated it. There are always many people, all talking about who they are and what they do, giving and receiving business cards, trying to match up with a person that can provide them with business, and all happening between munching down the usual over-supply of food. Usually, one would stand by the snacks-table, or bar, and make untimely, if not outright ridiculous, comments to the people partaking of the meal or drinks. Not promoting your business or yourself while making small talk is not networking; you're trying to hide your discomfiture. Why do we do it? Because we are naturally shy. In order for networking to work for you, you need to be confident about yourself,your business and unafraid to talk to strangers. Networking is all about gaining access to another person’s network. In most cases this is a person you have never

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