Google versus Salesman

Over the weekend I stopped at a cell phone shop to enquire about migrating over to their network. I had a hundred questions regarding their service, their product offering and whether they could really offer me a better package.

I had the unfortunate luck of the draw to end up with a salesman that did no selling at all! Whether he did not want to or could not is debatable, but I had to drag answers out of him for all my questions and I had to choose my own products! Instead of selling me premium products, I had to ask him to give me the best products for my needs and the only response I received was an “uhm”.

Now, I will concede that in our technologically interactive world Google, Facebook and the like does most of the selling for our businesses. Before the customer actually steps through your doors, he has already done most of the necessary research and in most instances knows exactly what he wants.

Does this mean that your sales staff need not be able to sell? Never!

The sales staff on the floor in your business are in my mind still one of the most critical parts of your business. The customer might have done the research they thought necessary, but your sales staff should know your business better, know your product offerings off by heart and be able to upsell any product to any customer! I believe it is extremely important that your website and digital marketing attracts your customers and then for your sales staff to confirm their decision and upsell more products as much as possible. A website cannot upsell products. A social media page cannot put the product in a customer’s hands and an email newsletter cannot convince a customer that he is making the right decision.

It is thus extremely important to know that once a customer walks through your doors, the sale is only half done. You need to convince the customer that you know your product offering well. You need to convince the customer that you are confident in your services and you need to convince them that you can offer them the best product at the best price at the best quality. Sales staff must still be able to sell and should not just be people who complete forms and hand over products. Your sales staff should be able to outsell Google!

So, the next time your customers beg your sales staff to sell them something, please do not let them answer with an “ok” or an “uhm”. Let them answer in such a way they feel special, like they are your only customer and that they just stepped into a world class business. Treat them with the necessary respect as their action of walking into your business shows that they already have faith in you.

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