How to determine when it's time to expand?

How to determine when it’s time to expand?

It is every start-up Entrepreneur’s dream to get to the point of expanding their business. That point where they think: now it’s time to open a new branch or time to purchase another business. The choice of which process to follow is not an easy choice, but the key identifiers to look for to see whether your business is ready to expand is a bit easier to identify. I hope you can identify a few of them already! 1. You get business from outside your usual or target market. When you start receiving an increased amount of business from outside of your usual or target market, then you should know it is time to grow or expand your business. It is very important for you to know who your target market or your usual market is. Once you start receiving leads and business from outside of your usual geographical region you service then you

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Be authentic in business

Be Authentic in Business

The world is still reveling and quibbling at the same time about the new administration in the White House. Donald Trump is by no means an unquestionable character, but he is the newly democratically voted president of America, as voted for by the people. During his first 60 days he rattled the whole world, latest of which being the immigrants wishing to enter the good ol’ United States of America. Now you might wonder and ask yourself, why another politically motivated blog post? We see so many of them. Yes, indeed we do, but this post brings this political theme to the business world and more specifically – straight to your business!

Be Authentic in Business

Sam always tells me – “Tiaan, please stay away from any political, racial and religious topics when you write blog posts”. While she might have a good point there, I just love controversial topics. I can’t stay away from

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Business Growth Tip

Business Growth Tip: Learn to ask for Assistance!

Business Growth Tips: #43 We have all been there. Sitting with a big decision to be made and we just don’t know whether the choice we are making is the best or right one. Every day as a Business Strategist I make decisions on behalf of my customers. Many times, it happens that I do not have the necessary info at hand and make decisions "blindly" as some might call it. I often have to ask for assistance as I know that I do not have all the answers to all business problems. As a Professional I realise that there are people I can trust to assist me, ones that always give me a new angle from which to look at a tough decision. It is an unfortunate belief, especially with South Africans, that a Business Owner or Entrepreneur should know it all, have it all, be it all and be the greatest business

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Closing a Business

Closing a Business is not the end

I bet you read the topic of this blog and thought, boy, what a contradiction. You probably also thought: “Yeah right genius, it is the end. Closing a business IS the end”. Well, it is the end for that specific business, yes. But is it the end of your career as an entrepreneur? Sir Richard Branson certainly does not think so after 15 failures. Is it the end of your creative journey? No, you just need to come up with a different angle on your business idea. This time you have a chance to start over while knowing the pitfalls and dangers. Let’s be real for a second though, closing a business is not easy. In my job of saving companies, this is the exact opposite of what I am trying to achieve. Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Sometimes, you have to explain to your staff members that they do not have

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How do I turn my company from a loss to a profit?

How do I turn my Company from a loss to a profit?

The aim of running a business is to make a profit, otherwise it would be a charity. It happens at least once in every entrepreneur's lifetime that their business runs at a loss. This means that their business is not profitable and is obviously not a good situation to be in. It is now time for a Business Turnaround. The question begs "how do I turn this situation around?". Now every entrepreneur knows a specific field or industry very well and has specific skills. But not all entrepreneurs have the skills to turn a business around from a loss-making operation to a profitable entity. However, all entrepreneurs can implement an effective turnaround in a few simple steps: Step 1: Take a step back and shift your focus. As the owner of the business or the entrepreneur, it is your duty to ensure that the business as a whole is a success. It is your

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning 101 for Entrepreneurs

FINANCIAL PLANNING > A vital part of providing for your loved ones in the event of trauma, disability and/or even death. It allows you to have comfort in knowing that your loved ones are looked after during a time that you are unable to provide. Think of it as a “Blueprint” of how you would like things to happen in your absence! Here I sit with 13 years of experience in the Financial Planning industry; a New Entrepreneur, making my way alone in the Business Landscape for the first time. As a result of my background, I often find myself answering a ton of questions as to why we need to pay for financial planning and its perceived benefits. What I've learnt is that people don't like to pay for things they cannot see, feel, smell or eat . . . but believe me when I say: Financial Planning is crucial!

Financial Planning 101

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Profit Tips

4 profit tips to ensure growth

Profit Tip 1: Focus on your most profitable products or services

Focusing on your most profitable products or services is one of the easiest ways to generate more profit quickly. A lot of businesses focus on the products that are “nice” or “entertaining”, but not necessarily profitable. We all like the nice and entertaining goodies, but if they are not profitable then why are you pushing the sales on these? Focus more on the ones that generating you profit, money in the bank!

Profit Tip 2: Streamline your operations

Although cutting costs might be a logical step, be careful with which costs you cut. You cannot retrench staff to the point where customer service suffers. You cannot sell off assets to the point where staff do not have sufficient equipment to perform their duties. You need to streamline operations, thus you need to spend the least amount of costs on all purchases (yes cost

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Business networking

Never stop Networking!

We have probably all gone to a networking function and hated it. There are always many people, all talking about who they are and what they do, giving and receiving business cards, trying to match up with a person that can provide them with business, and all happening between munching down the usual over-supply of food. Usually, one would stand by the snacks-table, or bar, and make untimely, if not outright ridiculous, comments to the people partaking of the meal or drinks. Not promoting your business or yourself while making small talk is not networking; you're trying to hide your discomfiture. Why do we do it? Because we are naturally shy. In order for networking to work for you, you need to be confident about yourself,your business and unafraid to talk to strangers. Networking is all about gaining access to another person’s network. In most cases this is a person you have never

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Top questions to ask your accountant

Top 5 questions to ask your Accountant

Number 1: How often should we meet?

The answer to this question should be glaringly obvious to your accountant. At least once a month! Your accountant is your first business advisor you have. They are the first ones to assist you in starting your business, running your business and ensuring that you run your business as legally sound as possible. They should know the value that a monthly meeting has for your business and should make themselves available to meet with you to discuss your previous months’ financial performance at a minimum.

Number 2: Can we arrange for a fixed monthly fee that includes all possible costs?

Many accountants only charge their clients whenever work is to be completed or when it has already been filed with the authorities. Although this might be a great policy to abide by, it is not very forgiving on your cash flow. You might just receive an

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Business Rescue South Africa

Google versus Salesman

Over the weekend I stopped at a cell phone shop to enquire about migrating over to their network. I had a hundred questions regarding their service, their product offering and whether they could really offer me a better package. I had the unfortunate luck of the draw to end up with a salesman that did no selling at all! Whether he did not want to or could not is debatable, but I had to drag answers out of him for all my questions and I had to choose my own products! Instead of selling me premium products, I had to ask him to give me the best products for my needs and the only response I received was an “uhm”. Now, I will concede that in our technologically interactive world Google, Facebook and the like does most of the selling for our businesses. Before the customer actually steps through your doors, he

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