This is how we started…

The VITALIS brand began in the spring of 2015 as a small business consulting firm in the city of Tshwane. Our MD, Tiaan Geel, quickly identified the need for a comprehensive business services offering. It is important for you, the entrepreneur, to focus on what you are great at, serving your customers. We serve you by being a single contact for your professional services needs.

Tiaan started his career in the business turnaround space as a result of what his father experienced. When Tiaan turned 14, his father’s first big solo venture went through a liquidation after operating for only 18 months. This experience had a profound impact on him and how he saw the business world.

The experience ignited his passion for understanding the inner workings of the business world and consequently drove his need to understand how organisations operate. Tiaan learnt the rules of entrepreneurship from his father and grandfather and remembers their favourite saying:

           “You need to understand what money is and how it works, only then can you build”

Tiaan first wanted to become a chemical engineer after attending an engineering week at the University of Stellenbosch. His father had other ideas of what the future had in store and enrolled him for an Accounting degree at the then UPE, now known as the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Although he was not too happy about the decision, Tiaan soon realised that the world of finances intrigued him a lot.

Tiaan’s journey in the financial sector took him on a path to finish his M.B.A. at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Here the subject of Entrepreneurship most of all sparked his interest in the knowledge of growing a venture from humble beginnings to a large corporate. He realised early on in order to grow a business successfully, you have to get the right people on your team.

And, this is how we grew…

Over the course of almost 2 years, he approached many entrepreneurs with his concept of a comprehensive business offering. He wanted to expand the VITALIS brand and service businesses with like minded partners. Many entrepreneurs were asked to join the idea of building something bigger. Unfortunately, very few entrepreneurs were actually interested in sharing resources and skills to build a bigger business. Finally, in early 2017, Tiaan found the right partners for the businesses, and so the group grew. 

VITALIS Accounting was opened with Ernst Diedericks and focuses on providing professional accounting and taxation advice and services. It is represented by the blue portion of our logo.

VITALIS Consulting brought Sherwin Franks on board and focuses on business turnaround and business rescue. It is represented by the green portion of our logo.

The purple portion of the logo represents an exciting addition to the VITALIS brand which is launching soon.

The VITALIS brand has a significant interest in the Phambano Group, a group of companies assisting NPO’s with technology donations and digital marketing solutions.

Our Build-A-Cupboard investment represents our first non-service investment in the group. The business produces and sells a unique South African solution to D.I.Y. kitchens and cupboards at affordable prices.

And, this is what we do for you!

All the partners in the VITALIS brand understand the important principle of “teamwork makes the dream work” . We all understand that through team work alone can we achieve more and exceed our clients’ expectations.

The VITALIS brand is built on service excellence and providing you with the services you need to grow your business. We don’t focus on what we want to sell, we focus on what you need. After all, we all want to grow our businesses and leave a legacy.

For you to work on your legacy, you need a professional services provider who understands what you want to build. You need a professional services provider who understands what you want to achieve. You need a professional services provider who will help you to get there. We do exactly that by providing you with the following 11 specialised business services below.

From Vitalis Accounting:

Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Corporate Taxation
Personal Taxation

From Vitalis Consulting:

Business Rescue
Business Turnaround
Strategic Planning
Business Assessments

From Phambano Group:

Digital Marketing
Social Media Marketing
Website Design

Please follow the links on each business’ name to see what each business can do for you and your empire.