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Vitalis Consulting is a boutique consulting firm focused on assisting businesses that are experiencing financial distress. Any business consultant can help you during the good times and grow your business to a new level. Only a few can assist you during your most difficult times as an entrepreneur.

As fellow entrepreneurs, we can say that we have been there as well. All entrepreneurs go through tough times not knowing which direction is best. During these trying times, it is best to consult with a business consultant who

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BUSINESS TURNAROUND – TO DO OR NOT TO DO? A business turnaround is a process of restructuring a company that is not operating as desired. Many entrepreneurs believe that only loss making businesses opt to go for a turnaround process. Contrary to popular belief, even profitable companies have undergone a turnaround process. Any company can […]

BUSINESS STRATEGY – A SIMPLE PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH We have all heard the wonderful word “strategy”. But what does it mean for your business? What does a business strategy entail? Richard Rumelt puts strategy into perspective by stating that strategy is simply: “discovering the critical factors in a situation and designing a way of coordinating […]

BUSINESS RESCUE – A BRILLIANT BUSINESS TOOL Business Rescue is a relatively new process to the South African business landscape found in the Companies Act. It has now been a part of our legal landscape for just over 6 years. The process has assisted many businesses to become profitable once again. The process of Business […]

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Sherwin Franks
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Be Authentic in Business

The world is still reveling and quibbling at the same time about the new administration in the White House. Donald Trump is by no means an unquestionable character, but he is the newly democratically voted president of America, as voted for by the people. During his first 60 days he rattled the whole world, latest […]

Business Growth Tip: Learn to ask for Assistance!

Business Growth Tips: #43 We have all been there. Sitting with a big decision to be made and we just don’t know whether the choice we are making is the best or right one. Every day as a Business Strategist I make decisions on behalf of my customers. Many times, it happens that I do […]

Closing a Business is not the end

I bet you read the topic of this blog and thought, boy, what a contradiction. You probably also thought: “Yeah right genius, it is the end. Closing a business IS the end”. Well, it is the end for that specific business, yes. But is it the end of your career as an entrepreneur? Sir Richard […]